Dream Divas

Luisa Marshall as her Divas Web Poster.

This is a 90 minute one woman music and dance spectacular show with dancers based on a real life story of a Filipino immigrant living in North America and struggled to follow her passion of being an international performer to compete in the mainstream world. She made her dream come true by performing and emulating her favorite most celebrated female artists of all time also known as her DIVAS such as Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Donna Summer, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Etta James, Rihanna, Shania Twain, Adele, Madonna, and many others.  The story is to inspire all women and men regardless of race and age that everything is possible. This show promises to be spectacular, colorful, interesting, exciting, high energy, funny, lots of audience interaction and, most of all, uplifting.

Luisa as Her DIVAS ( or DIVAS in 1 ) coming soon, featuring “World Rock and Roll Tribute Artist Champion” Luisa Marshall with all her Divas, her Diva Dancers and video imagery with special effects.

Coming Soon… DIVAS in 1, a one woman music and dance spectacular show with dancers. Based on a real life story of an immigrant


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