Contests & Giveaway Winners from Simply the Best – The Luisa Marshall Show

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Luisa with some of her many fans.

Contests & Giveaway Winners!

Luisa loves her fans! And she always wants to give back to them. That’s why Luisa asked us to start doing some little contests, draws and giveaways so we can give you all some cool gifts to show you how much we appreciate your love and support.

Wanna know how to win? It’s pretty simple, just subscribe to Luisa’s newsletter and keep checking our website and YouTube channels. We’ll be announcing things there. Thanks everyone!

August 2014 Giveaway
SPA-UTOPIA, HY’s Steakhouse Cocktail Bar, Cineplex

Our very first Giveaway! We always love to give out free homemade cookies to all those who come and check out our Simply the Best – The Luisa Marshall Show booths at some events to show you all how much we love you. But we wanted to go bigger. So we decided to give away 3 awesome prizes for our first giveaway. Here are the winners!

  • Winner of SPA-UTOPIA gift cards worth $125 plus a 30 minute complimentary Make-Up Application worth $59.
    • Cherrie Marie Mangune, Vancouver, BC
  • Winner of HY’S Steakhouse Cocktail Bar dinner for 2 worth $100
    • Neria Lacuna, Burnaby, BC
  • Winner of CINEPLEX 2 General Admission (w/ 2 regular pop and regular popcorn):
    • Caspar Ryan, Richmond, BC

So how did these 3 win their prizes? They signed up for our newsletter and we drew 3 names out of a hat and presto! Congratulations Cherrie, Neria and Casper!

Simply the Best - The Luisa Marshall Show Contest Winner- Neria Lacuna

Simply the Best – The Luisa Marshall Show Contest Winner- Neria Lacuna enjoying her HY’s Steakhouse gift with her husband.