Luisa Marshall as Tina Turner @ Kubyertos Restaurant – Surrey, BC (February 11, 2017)


MY BABIES ROCK! People just can’t stop admiring my daughters Kimi and Zenia Marshall who were so kind to perform with me at the Kubyertos Lechon House in Surrey despite their busy schedule. So happy to say we rocked the house! Our humble collaboration with Kubyertos generated lots of love and happiness through out the celebration of Valentine’s and Family Day. With Daddy Cool Steve Marshall on sound and lights, our family is just happy, happy, happy! What more can we ask for? 🙂 Thanks to all our family and friends,Tina fans and supporters for rockin’ with us!

SUPER SHOUT OUT to Leslie and Connie Mate & their Kubyertos Lechon House staff.

Our super thanks to George Bencze for all the beautiful photos!


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