Hope Beyond Thunderdome Tour 2016 Blogs: Part 1 (BC, Alberta)


Hope Beyond Thunderdome Tour 2016 Blogs:
Part 1 (BC, Alberta)

Years ago, Luisa performed for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in a grueling show tour that included war-torn Bosnia, Sarajevo and later the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in Israel and Egypt. The most requested song on both tours was WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO (THUNDERDOME). Luisa realized THUNDERDOME was a metaphor of the state they were in at the time, and HOPE is what we need to give them. Luisa thinks back about the young military men she met. “They were like babies to me”, Marshall states. “They need our help”.

Luisa set off to raise funds and awareness of PTSD. Naming her tour Hope Beyond Thunderdome, she went on a cross Canada tour twice over to support the cause.

In this blog you’ll find part 1 of her journey. There are pictures, shout outs and comments. If you were at any of her shows during this tour, you will most likely find your picture here. 🙂

… This blog is a work in progress. Please bear with us while we update it.

  1. Royal Canadian Legion #11 – Trail, BC (March 24)
  2. Royal Canadian Legion #81 – Sparwood, BC (March 25)
  3. Royal Canadian Legion #26 – Banff, AB (April 1)
  4. Royal Canadian Legion #10 – Strathmore, AB (April 2)

TRAIL, BC – Legion #11
– March 24

SOLD OUT in Trail, BC!

SOLD OUT Thursday! Super Thanks to the fabulous people of TRAIL, BC! Fun, laughter, and standing ovation. What a great night! This is the 4th show of the PTSD Awareness 2016 and we are extremely grateful for Legion 11 for hosting our show and supporting the cause.

SPARWOOD, BC – Legion #81
– March 25


SPARWOOD ROCKS! A cute little town like Sparwood BC showed a whole lot of spunk Friday when Tina Turner fans turned up at the cutest Legion ever for a cause. The show rocks from the first song til Proud Mary! So grateful for the couple who drove 9 hours from Salmon Arm to Sparwood to see the show. Everybody had a blast!

Super Shout Out to Roger Fairhurst for looking after us.


Sharing this photo of a couple who drove 9 hours from Salmon Arm to Sparwood, BC, to see the show. We didn’t get a chance to find out their names! The wife said “It was worth the drive!” I am so humbled. Thank you!

BANFF, AB – Legion #26
– April 1


BANFF ROCKS!!! SOLD OUT! STANDING ROOM ONLY! Wow! Thank you, BANFF for supporting Canadian Veterans PTSD awareness

STRATHMORE, AB – Legion #10
– April 2


STANDING OVATION in STRATHMORE LEGION! The packed Legion made a record breaking event Saturday night with everybody staying until the very end. What a blast! People asked for one more song and we were happy to do so. Will be posting photos and videos soon. You’re awesome Strathmore! WOW!


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